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Making Organic Food Available to All

We work around the whole organic cycle, a circle of life from growing, delivery of food through to collection and returning of organic waste to the soil. Making the connections and providing solutions together with a large and varied group of talented organic growers and producers in the region.

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Oamaru farm. Fields of crops growing
Oamaru Organics farm


Thai2Go is the only fast food restaurant in New Zealand using 100% organic products. We believe in taking care of your health and well-being.

Southern Organics

Tired of seeing people eating processed food and throwing their health away, we decided to supply our food directly delivered to your home.

About Our Farm

Oamaru Organics

Oamaru Organics, a 23-hectare property on State Highway 1 just south of Oamaru, is a bustling innovative market garden built on decades of organic history

Our range of long lasting, vibrant, beautifully formed vegetables are sensory treats and prove the consistency that high quality organic production can achieve.

  • Highest quality soils
  • A wide range of leafy greens
  • Regular use of Compost teas
  • Crop rotation techniques
  • Pest and weed control
  • World famous yams
  • Rich volcanic soil
  • Full of flavour
  • Early Jersey Benne
  • More nutrients
Oamaru Organis growing fresh vegetables
Brassica per Year
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Our Team

From Planning to Implementation

James Porteous

CEO / Founder

Nigel Clark

Chief Grower

Craig Morrison

Operations Manager
Seeding & Irrigation

Decades of experience back our choice of the best seed and decisions of when to plant them. We avoid mono-cropping, our customers and value year round availability of the best organic end-product possible.

Crop Growth

We carefully tend our crops, constantly monitoring the weather and using various pesticide-free and herbicide-free techniques to reduce occurrence of insects and evasive weeds.


Variety of supply is a constant challenge in our temperate region. Our customers demand consistent supply so we demand it of our farm.

The changes in this great shop have been amazing. The variety and freshness is evidence of the aim to only present the best, freshest organic food available. I can’t wait to visit next time we are in Queenstown.
Raewyn O'Brien
So glad I stumbled across this place while visiting Queenstown. Such delicious and fresh Thai food with amazing veggies and decent servings. Will be back on my short stay here!
Ellie Gardner-Leigh
Fantastic shop! We are so lucky to have this little organic delight in our town!!! And as for the organic Thai food, DELICIOUS and healthy!! A+++
Sheryl Williams